Tony Holt

You’ve probably wondered where many of the alloy tanks that you’ve seen come from. Well, now you know...

HoltWorks have been manufacturing fuel tanks and other classic motorcycle equipment for sometime and are leaders in Alloy Fabrication. 

Michelle and Tony run the business, Tony started making Tanks when asked for a tank by his uncle Jim Holt who is now in his 80s & still races.  Tony's background is in the Aircraft industry so his knowledge of types of metals is extensive and he has researched to ensure that each tank is of strongest quality.  We use 2mm thick alloy unlike others on the market where soft metal is used so they can achieve the shape.  The tanks we sell are replicas from original tanks so the shape is correct.  Even though our products are handmade every item of the same type will be identical to the next.

Tony was an aircraft inspector, and also a coded aircraft welder so the welding is aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Your tank will be one that you will be proud of. 

Michelle answers all your calls/e-mails and does all the paperwork for the business alongside running around after our 3 daughters!