We would like to say some thank you's!!



Thank you  to Uncle Jim Holt for his technical knowledge which is really useful!


Thanks to the Buell guys James White, Colin Nunn, Andrew Franchi, for your help and advise during the tooling of the Buell Tanks we hope you will enjoy the finished product it has been great dealing with you and thank you for your patience with us.  Thank you also to Martin Davy for his help you will receive your tank very soon.


Thanks to Terry Sewell he is a great source of information for Greeves bikes and parts, visit  Terry and Paula's his website www.tdsclassicmotorcycles.com


Thanks to the DOT & Royal Enfield guys for your advice and patience.


Thank you to Andy Hodges for all his advice  on the Honda CB550 for his support and photos of our tank looking fantastic on his bike.  Visit his webiste to see his motorcycle clothing range and see his blog on his Honda Race Tank  http://www.max-mph.com/

 Thank you to Em Roberts for all his help in the development of the Honda RC162/3 (and for his amazing patience).

It certainly makes all Tony's hard work with the tooling and the fact that we hardly see Tony,  worthwhile when we receive your feedback and see your bikes, Thank You!!

 Michelle and Tony