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Thank you for all your feedback, we really appreciate your comments and kind words.  Please e-mail your feedback to  It will help our business to go from strength to strength, Many thanks Michelle & Tony

Richard Davies 17/4/23 - Bantam - Northants UK
Hi Michelle & Tony
Many thanks for the tank.
Really pleased I purchased from you guys.
Quality is great and detail, like the pressed ribs on the inner face just go to show you know what you are doing.
Many thanks from a very happy customer.
Phil Crowfoot 23/3/23 - Large Victor - Hadleigh UK
Hiya Michelle
Apologies for the late reply!
Tank arrived safely, fits perfectly, very impressed.
You fully deserve your excellent reputation.
Very many thanks
John Barwood 10/3/23 - Greeves Anglian - Northumberland
Hi Michelle
Received the tank yesterday and very pleased with it, especially the quality.
Many thanks
Eric Kirkwood 5/3/23 - Spitfire - Ohio USA
Hi Michelle
Thanks. The tank has been
received and it looks GREAT!
I appreciate the updates and your communications. I will be suggesting your products to anyone who will listen.
Thanks again and have a Great Day!
Ian Verrinder 24/2/23 - Surrey - Victor Large capacity
Hello Michelle
I can confirm that my petrol tank arrived today. It arrived safely and undamaged. It certainly looks a stunning piece of work. It looks just right on the bike and i'm glad I went for the bigger version.
Many thanks for your time and effort.
Kind regards
Darren Sharp 19/2/23 - Metisse Mk3 - Hampshire UK
I just have to fit it. Really pleased with it, thanks
Hauke Stolten 15/2/23 - Germany - Spitfire Hornet
Hi Michelle Hi Tony
the "container"(joke as that is wording on shipping documents) arrived on Monday..... I am absolutely delighted!!!
What great craftsmanship. I am a cabinetmaker by myself and I know how hard it can be to make good work.
Just fantastic! Many many thanks!!
And just to let you know wife is also very excited because the tank remembers her to her B44 VS she rode in the 90s and loved it so much.
This is very important approval to go ahead with my Spitfire projekt what the tank is planned for.
The project is already in good progress. will send you a picture as soon it is in presentable stage so that you may have some material for the gallery.
Schone GruBe!
Hauke Stolten
Ernst Novak 14/2/23 - Austria - Bantam
Thanks I am Happy!
Tom Wormleighton 21/2/23 - large bantam tank - Rochester Kent
The tank is absolutely beautiful! Thank you!!
Kind regards
Scott Meredith - Escondido California, USA 9/2/23 - BSA Hornet
Michelle - got it. Amazed it came within 24 hours, since I'd bet the plane went to LA not San Diego. Everything looks good, Thanks for all your help? Best regards
e-mail on receiving the photos before the tank was sent...
Michelle - great news, thank you love the photos
Mike Lemme - New York USA - Suzuki T20 Tank 8/2/23
Received Tank, Impressive craftsmanship, Thank you. My Vintage racer project can begin :)

Jerry Norris - UK - Suzuki Tank & Tail piece 31/1/23
Dear Tony and Michelle
Just to say a huge thank you for making my Suzuki TR250 petrol tank & tail piece. I'm over the moon with the quality and precision of the products.  I will certainly recommend you to friends looking for a similar product. Once again a huge thank you. Best regards
Jerry Norris

Craig Nuske - Australia - Buell 3/11/22
Hi Michelle, tank arrived with thanks. Won't get to see it until early Dec when i'm back home from work. If you don't hear from me assume it's in excellent order and I again thank you in advance for your excellent service, cheers Craig

Paul Hindle UK Small Buell 21 April 2022
Hi Michelle and Tony
The tank arrived safely today, just wanted to say thanks so much for all the
hard work and effort put into it, it's fantastic and I'm very pleased.
Thanks again

Bruno - France - Yamsil 15 April 2022
Hello Michelle
Wonderful I am very happy my tank is ready.
Best regards
Shane Burns - T20 Tank - Australia 25 February 2022
Crate arrived safely, thanks to you and Tony for all your hard work, I'm really happy.
Jan Maat 13 January 2022 - TT2 Netherlands
The tank has already this morning safely arrived in Bierum
Many thanks
Kind regards
Rob Gough - Australia - 8 November 2021 - Armac tank
Thanks great Job
Steve Shakeshaft 29/7/20
Buell Manta - The tank was delivered really quickly yesterday morning. The pictures you sent across I shared on the UKBeg facebook page and quite a bit of interest shown. There's still a lot of bikes out there needing one of your fuel tanks. Thanks Michelle and Thank Tony too. Look forward to using the tank when refurbishing my M2
Jim Budesheim - Canada - Small Buell Tank 22/7/2020 - second Buell tank

Hi Michell & Tony,

Received the Buell tank today and it is just like the first tank ..... absolutely gorgeous!! Also many thanks for the spare gaskets!


Jim Budesheim


Jim Budesheim - Canada - Small Buell Tank 30/4/2020

Hi Michelle,

I have received the tank today and I must say it is absolutely gorgeous with a no hassle precision fit on the bike, Thanks


Jim Budesheim   

Martyn Adams - Australia - 3/3/20 - AJS Tank
Hi Michelle received the tank today, !!Yee hee!! the packing job was as good as the welding !!
The tank is going to be a real head turner and should be a winner, I have high hopes for it - Delighted - thanks again
M & T love ya both! M
Ian Le Marquand - BSA Spitfire Tank - Jersey 5/11/19
Hi just wanted to say thank you for the tank, absolutely stunning, and Geoff at Paintwork Express has done another great job with the painting. I have used him with a few of my rebuilds, highly recommended. Just need the rain to stop.
Kind regards Ian
Tsuyoshi Harada - Tokyo Japan 15/10/19
Norton 3 Gallon Sprint tank to fit Honda CB750 - see photos on gallery

Thanks a million!!

Hi Michelle and Tony

The TANK has arrived, very beautiful tank thanks a lot.

Also thanks a lot of cushions...

Best Regards, Tsuyoshi

Bill Stevens - Bellingham WA, USA  14/9/19 - BSA Clubman

Beautiful Thank you

Stuart Proffitt - ordered Via Speed and Sport California - 10/6/18 - Rickman Metisse MK3

Thank you for making such a beautiful tank

Masami Hishinuma - Yokosuka, Japan 20/11/18 - Seekey MK4 Tank

Dear Holtworks I have received my tank and parts, I am very happy. I will enjoy this tank. Michelle Tank you. Tony Thank you. Masami Hishinuma

Thomas Ingvarsson 30/10/18 Ducati TT1- Sweden

Hi Michelle and Tony

I’ve got the Ducati TT1 tank today. It is really stunning. Absolute perfect fit. A really fine craftmanship and well worth waiting for. Thank you and I will definitely recommend you.

Kind regards

Thomas Ingvarsson - Sweden


Sean Perry - Buell Manta - 10/9/18 North Carolina USA

I received the tank last week. It came much quicker than thought it would. The tank looks really great. Thank you for you and Tony's work.


Eric Bueno 3/8/18  Buell S1 Manta - UK

Hi Michelle and Tony

I put the fuel tank on my S1 and it is stunning.


Eric Bueno


Tamaki Yokoyama 29/7/18 - Japan - Hornet 2 gallon

Hi Michelle

Its my BSA photo with the tank that you made. Its very good work, thanks

Tamaki (photo on the gallery)

Andreas Buschendorf and Cornelia Lorenz - BSA Spitfire Tank - Germany 24 March 2018

Hi Michelle and Tony the parcel has delivered the tank is so Beautiful i would like to send you a better picture Next weeks but now the First two.

Thank you very much and Greetings from Germany Andreas and Cornelia

Paul Arnold UK - Goldstar scrambles tank - 16/3/18
Hi Michelle tank arrived today, wow! its amazing! too good for my scrambler so its going on my road bike (1957 tribsa) which will be back on the road this summer, I'll send you some pics sometime, I'll be interested in the mietisse kit later this year also, cheers Paul
Darren Walker - Bantam, UK - 14/2/18
Tank looks gorgeous
Robert Clarke, UK 29/1/18 - Hurricane tank to go under seat/tank cover
Hi Michelle tank arrived safe today. Tell Tony I am very pleased with it, yours faithfully Robert
Ray Deveraux -UK 30/1/18 Hurricane tank to go under seat/tank cover
Hello Michelle I've just received it! Many thanks, really looking forward to fitting the tank! Kind regards Ray
Nick - UK, DOT Tank - 10/1/18
It looks amazing, cant wait to fit it on the DOT, will send you photos ASAP, thanks again, Nick
Gary Mitchem AJS Tank - 23/11/17 - UK
It came today, looks absolutely fantastic. Will send some pictures once it is painted.
Lisa Hinch- 2 Honda Tanks UK - 3/9/17
Wow They look amazing Michelle, they're great. Thank you for all you and Tony's hard work xx
Keith Swiers - UK - 10/8/17 - Standard DOT Tank - phone message
Hi Tony and Michelle
I just wanted to let you know that I have just received my tank, it's an absolute work or art, I am delighted, absolutely thrilled with it.
Congratulations it's not workmanship but a work of art!
My only complaint is that once I put it on the bike, I couldn't stop staring at it and did nothing that afternoon! Thank you to you and Tony
Greg Fullmer - Utah - USA 22/7/17 - BSA A65 Spitfire Tank
Michelle/Tony have received my tank it has arrived safely. (Very nice packing job!) I am thrilled with it.  It is a very high quality build, Thanks again so very much for all your efforts, your communication, and your professionalism.  Doing business with you was a pleasure.
John Quarrell - Leyland, UK BSA Victor Extra Large Capacity 24/7/17
Arrived safe and sound on tues. Delighted with it. Thank you xx
Jeff Littel - Delaware USA 17/5/17 Yamaha TY175/TY250
What a beautiful piece of art nice crafsmenship keep up the great work . Thank you hope your feeling better Tony .
Masahiro Fukunaga, Japan, BSA AJS Tank 2/3/17 
Dear Michelle & Tony 
I received a tank yesterday.
It was brilliant and I was completely satisfied !
Thank you‼︎ 
Steven Loveridge 23/2/17 - Ariel Tank - UK
Michelle & Tony
The tank has just arrived and it looks beautiful! Thank you so much for this work of Art.
With best regards,
Steven Loveridge 
Richard Bainbridge - Rippon, Centreless James tank 28/4/17
Tuesday 25/4- I'm well chuffed with the photos of the tank--thank you to you both!!!--I know how good it will be coz I already have one on another bike of mine---only the best will do -- a Holt Tank of course!!
28/4 - Thank you both once again--just returned home after a week away--awaiting for me - the beautiful James tank I ordered from you--thank you so much once again--much appreciated...
Peter Hewitt - UK - 26/4/17 - Majesty
Hi Michelle just to let you know I have received the alloy majesty tank....its beautiful... and I am very happy...many thanks, from Peter Hewitt....all the best
Dean Watson - Australia - T20-T250 28/4/17
Hi Michelle and Tony
How are you both, well i hope?  Well the fuel tank arrived this morning it's a bloody beauty well worth the wait, thank you both very much it will certainly make the bike look the part. Great Job
Regards Dean
Kevin Lamb - UK - Spitfire Goldstar tank - 10 December 2016
Dear Michelle and Tony
Many thanks for my Goldstar racing tank which I received yesterday. It was superbly packed. Well what can I say.  It is stunning and a thing of beauty. Tony you are an artist as well as a fine craftsman.  I know and understand that the attention you give to your tanks takes time, but the wait is well worth it. Thanks also to you Michelle for your friendly and always informative advice on the end of the phone.
Thank you both for everything. I wish you both and your family a very Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year.
Eric Salmon - Austrailia - 2 Honda Tanks November 2016
Hi Michelle and Tony,
The tanks arrived today and are great. They fit perfectly with the taps in just the right place, very pleased.
I will send some photos at the weekend if you are interested.
Thanks again,

John Potter - Greeves Anglian - UK - 21 January 2016
Hi Michelle, looks great thanks, my compliments to you guy's for an outstanding job. I'll try not to scratch it! Regards John
Derek Taylor, Northumberland,  19 January 2016 - AJS Tank
The tank is beautiful, excellent workmanship and fits perfectly.  Happy with the packing the tank arrived in, Many thanks to Tony
Paul Gorvett - 17 January 2016 - BSA Victor
Hi Michelle tank arrived today great job really pleased thank you regards to Tony me beaming smile best news for ages cheers Paul
David Bulmer, UK,  AJS Tank,  - 14 December 2015
Hi Michelle and all at Holtworks I received my tank today and it's absolutely superb. You can really see a lot of time n work that's gone into it. I'd recommend you to anyone. My old dad would've well pleased to have seen it on his bike. Thanks once again you've been a pleasure to deal with and do amazing work, long may you continue. All the best. David
Peter Derks - The Netherlands - B50 Side Panels - 10 December 2015
Hello Michelle,I've received the package.Thank you so much for doing a splendid job on these sidecovers.Regards;Peter Derks

Andy Stimson 23 November 2015 - 5 Gallon Manx Tank (see Gallery for picture of completed bike)

Hi Tony & Michelle,

Just a quick picture to show your handiwork on my almost-completed 750 Triton.  Looks stunning !


Andy Stimson


Rob Jones - 14 October 2015 - Goldstar Tank
Superb workmanship, really happy, the tank will be on display at the stafford show this weekend.
Marion Faliveno - 15 May 2015 - SR500
Hi there sorry for the delay to your feedback have improved the bike from when you see itLooks and performs better. The amount of comments we get in the paddock when they see your tank on the SR500 is great (the tank still looks good) kind regards R
John M, Buell Manta Tank, UK - 23 April 2015 - see gallery for pictures
Well I finally got around to fitting my tank, sunny days beckoning helped.
Great work Tony, I’m very pleased with the result and the looks says it all.
Paul Thom - North Wales - 2 x Norton Sprint Tanks - 8 April 2015
Hi Tony & Michelle,
Sorry for not replying about the tanks until now but I wanted to take my fathers tank to him this weekend which I have now done. 
I received them from you as promised with the added bonus of no transit damage!
What can I say other than Tony you have an amazing talent. We can see the passion and attention to detail that went into them, it may have been a long wait but well worth it. 
I am so glad I convinced my father to join me in purchasing the tanks from you. We are so pleased with them, the welding is the best we have seen against the other tank fabricators out there, as the text message I have just received from my father said “ they’re damn good in all respects” its not often I hear him praise other peoples workmanship in this way.
Well done to both of you and keep up the superb quality work, I know who to come to/recommend in the future.
Thanks again.
Kind regards
Paul Thom
Gary Brittan - Bantam Tank February 2015
I arrived home to find my tank has been delivered. Stunning, elegant, simple.  A work of art.
Thanks G.B.. 
MR Reuzé thierry, la tourasse, France - James Tank - 2 April 2015
Hello I received last Saturday tank and am very happy! great job and fast.
great thank you

Mark Grinnel, UK - 26/3/15 - Victor Holt Type with Sunken cap & Chrome Twist cap (see picture of Mark's bike on our gallery)
WOW! It's the DOGS!!

I'm half way through a Greeves Hawkstone. Have you made one for this bike?

Very pleased. Thank you both. 
Kind regards Mark

Marco Raymondin - France - Norton 5 Gallon Manx - 5 March 2015

Hello Michele and Tony

My friend is VERY happy about the Manx petrol tank…not only it looks very nice but also it fits perfectly…

Many thanks


Feedback from Gordon Thompson, Felletin, France, 4/3/2015 

Bonjour Michelle and Tony,

Merci beaucoup for the Greeves TES petrol tank which arrived today as scheduled.

In these times of cheap mass production it makes a pleasant change to see such a superb example of hand-made craftsmanship.

Very many thanks.

Toodle pip,


Tom Ewing - Florida (see Gallery) - B50
 I just thought you might want to see pictures of the progress on my BSA B50MX. You guys built the tank and plates for it, and it is going to be one of the finest B50s in the world when I am finished.Take care, Tom EwingPS - notice on the front numberplate that I left the "Holtworks" stamped imprint for all to see - thought I might as well give credit where credit is due!
Michael Savage - Uk - Greeves Griffon - see photo on gallery
Thank you Michelle & Tony (Holtworks) Greeves Griffon Tank arrived safe and sound
John Martin, UK, Buell Manta, 25/11/14
Hi Tony & Michelle,

Today the Final Solution arrived in the shape of a polished Holt Manta tank. I can only echo the feedback of other Buell Holt tank owners. Tony’s workmanship and attention to detail is exceptional. It’s been said before but the tank really is an engineering work of art. Now I can see the tank in the flesh I’m rethinking about painting, it’s too good to cover up in my opinion.

Regards,John Martin
Mees Krul, Netherlands, Buell Manta 21/11/14
Hi Michelle and Tony,
The buell tank arrived today in good shape.
Im very happy with it and it was for sure worth the waiting!
It's almost impossible to discripe how great it looks and fitting perfect on the frame  ,its a real masterpiece!
a work of art ,but real art for real use ;)
I thank you very much for doing this for us buell owners!
Thank you,


James Walton,  Cornwall -  3 Gallon Sprint Tank - 15 November 2014
Dear Michelle and Tony, many thanks for sending my tank, I think its genuinely the best packaged part I have ever received!The tank is everything I thought it would be and more, its a beautiful job and the shape is perfect. Like everything else the devil is always in the detail, the TIG welding is some of the best I have ever seen. The thing that has impressed me the most is the fit of the bottom of the tank to the frame, it is millimetre perfect ensuring that the tank sits perfectly. Good things are worth waiting for, it was worth the wait! My sincere thanksKind regardsJim Walton I will send you a photo when its finished Ray Buck - Ray Buck Motorcycle YAMAHA TY 175 TANK - 12/11/14
Chuffed to bits with the tank - really pleased, thank you (by phone)
Hi Tony & Michelle, (see photos in gallery) - November 2014
here are some pictures of the alloy tanks you supplied now they have been painted. The painter said they were the best ally tanks ...he had ever seen, and they didn't need any preparation, and were perfect for painting, and he will recommend you to any future customers he meets.
Brian Camps, cambridge
Bob Nicholson - 3/10/14 Unxbridge -  Royal Enfield GP
by phone .....Really pleased with the tank, will send photos when the tank has been fitted to the bike, many thanks
Tom Ewing, Florida, 1 October 2014 - BSA B50
I purchased the BSA B50 tank and sideplates a while ago, and the restoration is nearing completion. It will be spectacular, thanks to Holtworks! This number plate will make it even more beautiful.As mentioned, this BSA B50MX will be the centerpiece of my vintage bike collection, and the Holtworks tank, sideplates and number plate will be the centerpiece of the B50MX. This will be a spectacular restoration. I showed the Holtworks tank and sideplates to a fellow bike collector and restorer, and he described them the best. He said that they looked like special pieces of fine hand crafted jewelry. That about sums it up. I will send pictures (along with the trophies I will win at this winter's Florida bike shows).
Take care, Tom Ewing
Brian Camps - 9th September 2014 - 1st Royal Enfield
Perfect Fit - really happy - will send pictures (telephone call)


Phil Speed -  5th September 2014 Victor Tank


Tank received AOK today………beautiful job thanks very much.


 Phil Speed

Rob Miller, 11 June 2014, Ariel Tank and Seat For a Lambretta Model C - see Gallery for photos
Dear Michelle & Tony.
I have attached some photos of the absolutely beautiful tank and seat base which Tony has manufactured exactly as we discussed, specially modified for my Lambretta Model C racer project.  Despite seeing his brilliant work when Pam & I visited to place the order, I am absolutely astounded at the quality of Tony’s work. He is a true craftsman of the highest order. I will send more pictures when the frame has been fitted with the brackets needed, and when the bike is finished. I just hope that the rest of the bike is good enough to be seen with these works of art.
Many, Many Thanks.
Rob. Miller



Robert Dean - Manchester - Metisse MK3 - 2/6/14
Really happy with the tank fits perfectly thank you very much!
Mark Alder - 5 Gallon Manx tank to fit a Honda CB750 (photos on our Gallery)
If you are considering an aluminium tank then save yourself the bother of searching the planet as you will find nothing better out there. Almost always the first question we are asked when we show a bike is “who made the tank”? It’s HoltWorks and I can’t see that changing.
Great work Michelle and Tony – Thanks

Mark Alder
30A Shepherds Walk
West Sussex
BN6 8EB m: 07780 977 028
Viv Stephens, Devon - James Centreless Tank - 4 April 2014
Dear Tony and Michelle.
Hi Tony how can I ever thank you for such a great work of art, The welding is just perfect ive never seen such perfect welding. I just cant express how good a job you made of my tank, If there is anybody I know who needs a tank I will definitely  recommend you and your workmanship. Again many thanks Tony
Regards Viv Stephens.

John Royce,  Michigan USA - BSA Victor Slimmer Fuel Tank - 3 April 2014
Tony, Michelle...The tank arrived...extremely nice workmanship.  I will send along a picture when I get things further along.  Thank so much for the great job.
John Royce

Jason Cursley, UK - Goldstar made to fit  Borile cr500 - 25 March 2014

Hi Tony

It fits perfectly.  I can only assume you broke into my garage and trial fitted it. 

I've bought plenty of aluminium tanks, they can vary in quality quite dramatically.  This one is the best one I've ever had.  Thank you very much indeed.
Best regards
Jason Cursley


Luc Limouzin, France - James Tank - 17 March 2014

Hi Tony & Michelle,

As promised Luc's tank(James) arrived on sat & he is very pleased with it & me too, very nice.Thank you .
Mark & Luc. 

Tom Ewing, Naples Florida USA  - 4 March 2014 - B50 Tank and side panels 

Hi Tony & Michelle,

I just wanted to let you know that the tank and sideplates arrived today. I have never seen such stunningly beautiful workmanship in my entire life. I couldn’t be happier. I have little doubt that my B50MX restoration will be one of the finest in existence. You certainly haven’t heard the last of me – You can count on one more lifelong Holtworks customer.

Thanks very much, Tom Ewing


David Sands - Poole, Dorset 4th March 2014 - AJS Tank
Michelle Tank received - It is simply perfect - a thing of beauty and a first time fit. Thank Tony for me.  He is a remarkable talent.  Nuff said David
Stephen Heath 27/2/14 Honda
Hi Tony and Michelle, I completed my bike, the tank that you made for me is awesome, thank you. The Bike Shed have recently written an article on the bike and I mentioned that you made the tank (a work of art), hopefully the publicity will do you a bit of good, this is the link to the article Regards, Steve
Patrice Coupard - Caen, France 10/2/14 - Seeley MK 4 Oil Tank
Hi Tony and Michelle,
I receive the oil tank today. Very, véry good job. I put it on the Seeley frame  the next week end. If it's good i order another for a friend of mine who wan"t exactjy the same.
I send you a mail next sunday.
Best regards
Ricky Clifford - Suffolk - 4/2/14 - AJS Tank
Hello MichelleVery pleased with my tank ,very pleased with your service,can you personally thank tony for me for exellent craftsmanship ,again I thank you bothYours thankfullyRicky Clifford

Peter Heartfield - Honda CB350 - 27/1/14
Thanks for the tank.Herewith a photo and feedback.I am delighted with the quality, truly a craftmans work.I was also pleased at Michelle's pleasantness which made having to endure the lengthy delivery time, easier!That is my only complaint, the turn round time needs to be quicker.
reply from Michelle & Tony
Hi PeterThanks for the e-mail and thanks for your feedback.We are really pleased you are happy with your tank and sorry that is was delivered later than expected.Tony makes the tanks alone which always makes it difficult sometimes to keep to schedules and as so many people want the tanks that are on the website but to fit different frames, so a completely different underside has to be produced to fit their frame, which means that making each tank takes longer than a standard tank.  I do feel frustrated when the time goes over as it is always our aim to keep to delivery times.  But I know Tony is working as hard as he can to get the work out.We hope you enjoy your tank and again thank you for your feedback and photo (see Gallery for picture).With best wishes
Magnus Glad,  STOCKHOLM - Honda CB550 - 23/1/14
I received the tank yesterday. It is really beautifully made and it looks wonderful. 
Thank you very much. 
Best regards
eric millot - aumiot motos France 16/1/14 - honda 400 four/4


14/1/14 - Kane Franklin - California, USA - 26 November 2013 - Bultaco

Michelle and Tony,

Thanks so much for the Bultaco gas tank.  It looks really great.
Gary Bale -  Suzuki RL Tank - 10 January 2014
Very pleased with my tank, makes the old norton look real special now,  thanks very much for delivering by requested date,  thanks Tony your a "TOP MAN",  cheers  Gary B.
Kenny Labinis - Arizona USA, Honda CB450K0 black bomber frame -


I received my tank. I wanted to thank you so much for this. I am totally blown away for the quality and craftsmanship. The tank was much more than I expected. Perfect fit to my frame. 
Thanks again, and will keep in touch. 
__________________________________________Semen Berchanskiy, Moscow - Honda CB550 - 19/11/13


Hi, sorry for my silence

The tank is amazing!!!

 13 November 2013 - Mark Blondel, Guernsey - Honda RC162/3 to fit 350 four frame

That looks fantastic guys.

It seems a shame to spray it red. I will send you some photos of the bike when it is finished. I will recommend your work to other friends.

Many thanks for everything.

Best regards



Kotaro - Japan, 28 October 2013 - Seeley Tanks for Yamsil Frame (see Gallary for photos)

Michelle, Tony,

I received fuel tanks on last Friday.
Now I set it to frame with perfect fitting !!
Thank you very much.
One is for road going "Cafe racer " and the other is for racer for classic race.
Thank you,
Kotaro - Japan


25/10/13 - Alloy Panels
very happy with them , thanks Karl


Brad Fisher Australia - Bultaco Tank - 20 August 2013

My goodnessyou are correct, the work of art is with me now on Friday afternoon 20 Sep
thank you very much, well worth the wait, and thanks for putting the extras in, before i paid it
Parcel arrived on time, very pleased with service.  Quality is superb , very very pleased with all kit .  Will highly recommend your company.
Regards Viv Hiscock - Full Metisse MK3 Kit - 7/8/13-----------------------------------------------

Wayne Frame , Colorado, USA - BSA Goldstar

Hi Tony & Michelle, 7 August 2013

The craftsmanship is excellent. Took a 3/8” black and white grating and viewed the reflected  image as it was sweep over the tank surface. There were no boggles or discontinuities, only continuously flowing curves – tough test which the tank passed with flying colors. The authentic BSA look is also excellent. Will fashion a polyurethane mounting pad to fit it the bottom; the oval mounting area is better than original BSA. There isn’t going to be a problem fitting to the frame.

Communication has been very pleasant.

I see that the tank’s FedEx journey started in Chelmsford. I have been to Chelmsford two dozen times; doing business at E2V, originally EEV, a holding of Marconi, then GEC before going it alone. Looked up Maylandsea and see it is also close to Maldon where I’ve been several times as EEV’s chief silicon processing engineer lived there.

Packaging for shipment was good; good thing as the box had been wacked hard.

The Very Best, Wayne

Colorado, USA


Comment by Shaun Brown - James Tank - 26 July 2013
HI Tony/Michelle.
The tank arrived today it is fantastic, I cant thank you enough for the effort you made to get it done and over to me I will be leaving some excellent feed back on your website.
Enjoy your holiday.
Regards Shaun

Dean Cruciani, Pennsylvania, USA,  June 24 2013 @ 05:46 am - GREEVES GRIFFON

Michelle and Tony Just wanted to let you know that I received the Greeves Griffon Tank on Friday June 21. Arrived on the day you said and ....WOW! Better that i even imagined. As you would expect, I immediately had to try it out on the bike so I played hooky the rest of the day and headed home. The tank is now the best part of the bike by leaps and bounds! This tank is more like a piece of art than a dirt bike tank A true testament to your craftsmen. I can not say enough what a pleasure it was doing business with you and look forward to ordering more tanks for my other projects (do you make a tank for a 1976 Honda MR250?). Thanks again Dean

Comment by John kimmins - June 13 2013 @ 03:52 pm - Honda RC162

Many thanks for the fantastic rc tank and seat, brilliant workmanship and service all round, please add mudguards and fairings to your portfolio! I'll be back at the end of the year for more! John

Comment by Doug Carey - June 08 2013 @ 11:02 am

Thanks Tony; that brass burner top for my Mitsui ceramic cooker; fits and works a treat. I know it was a "one off"; but it's well appreciated. From the rice paddies of North East Thailand; where Chinese back up service is not that great!!!


Comment by Ian Boggie - May 20 2013 @ 10:05 am Honda CB550 to fit 400/4

Tank is great, looks the business now it is painted and on the bike. Really sets it off. Many thanks, Ian

Comment by Martin Merkel - May 07 2013 @ 06:29 am - Flat Tracker Tank

Hi Michelle, hi Tony, the Tank arrived me yesterday, and what I must say: it's a masterpice! The Quality is perfect and it's exactly the tank that I want. Many thanks for this perfect solid workmanship and I can judge as good, because I am a metalworker, too! once more many thanks have a nice time best regards Martin

Comment by Neal Gorden, London - AJS Tank - May 07 2013 @ 06:31 am

Tank Arrived Michelle, tell Tony its a work of art, too good to put on the bike. Thanks Neal


Comment by Matt Chapin, California, USA - Goldstar Tank & Universale side panels -  April 30 2013 @ 06:13 am

Received my new tank & side panels today & they are beautiful. I will send you photos when the bike is done. Thanks, Matt


Comment by Daniel Bauza, Alicante, Spain - Oval Plate - March 21 2013 @ 09:45 am

I have the oval side cover for my Tryumph in Alicante, SpaiIt it looks very nice and the metal is hard. Quick delivery time. Thanks.


Comment by chris taylor, Leicestershire - Mettisse MK3 Fuel Tank  - January 09 2013
A nice job. Worth the wait.


Comment by john mcmeikin - Australia - January 08 2013 @ 10:31 pm

Hello Michelle and Tony, the side covers arrived yesterday, they are perfect, a work of art, love the workmanship,,, i want to thank you as well for the front plate just what it needs to give the finishing touch, will be in touch in the future ,, great stuff,,, best regards from OZ  John mcmeikin , ps  the one gallon b50 mx tanks could be a good seller for you, they also are the same for 1973 ccm apart from one fuel tap instead of two as on the b50, all the best


Comment by spike, Glynis Broadhead- December 08 2012 @ 09:17 am

i thanks for a stunning tank , A brilliant piece of craftsmanship many thanks spike


Comment by Sascha Minde - October 25 2012 @ 10:55 am

hi michelle, thanks for the tank! stunning piece of craftsmanship. cheers, sascha


Comment by Bill Wright - August 07 2012 @ 02:02 pm

I've been messing around with racing bikes the best part of 40 years, and its without a doubt the neatest most professional job I've ever seen!Brilliant! Many thanks to you both. Bill


Comment by Mark Mulrenin - July 10 2012 @ 11:17 am

Hi Michelle & Tony I just received my oil tank today, and to say that I am impressed is an understatement!! It is a thing of alloy beauty!! The workmanship is amazing! Plus the fact that I do not have to polish it, as it came polished was a major plus!! I will certainly recommend your business and product to anyone who is interested!! It also came in very close to the time it was promised. Mark Mulrenin


Comment by Si Bustin - June 25 2012 @ 10:24 am

Received the oil tank today, fantastic piece of fabrication well worth the wait, thank you very much, I will gladly recommend your company to anybody needing a quality tank making up for their bike. Once again thank you.

Comment by Lindsay McBryde - June 26 2012 @ 03:49 am

Received my Gold Star oil tank today. Quick safe delivery Excellent craftsmanship Thanks heaps Tony


Comment by mark stone - May 22 2012 @ 05:54 am

hi tony and michelle. tank and side covers arrived today. <tony you are the master of your art> look foward to doing business in the future. many thanks... mark stone. brisbane. australia. 

Comment by Rupert Battersby - May 22 2012 @ 06:10 pm

In brief, I needed a Rickman tank with some very specific internal modifications and it had to be tailored to a Foale monoshock frame. Very much a one-off commission, and a tail unit to match. These are now awaiting the rest of the bike to be completed, but the Holtworks metalwork is a work of art in its own right. It has drawn praise from everyone who has seen the pictures and in the flesh it is phenomenal. I cannot praise the workmanship highly enough, and Tony and Michelle have been so patient with my continual enquiries. Tony - you are a true craftsman. Photos will follow in due course.


Comment by Eddy Wright - May 15 2012 @ 02:05 pm

Hi, Tank received okay. I am very pleased with it, and will recommend you in future. Once again Thank you. Regards Eddy Wright


Comment by Brian Marshall - May 17 2012 @ 01:58 pm

Outstanding, superb quality product. Beautiful welding and fits a treat. Well worth the wait.

Comment by John Pettifer - May 15 2012 @ 02:02 pm

Hi Tony/Michelle I received the tank no problems, I must say, I am absolutely delighted with it! The quality of workmanship is outstanding and you should be proud of the team of skilled people that produced it! The tank will be a while before it is fitted to the bike as I am restoring, lets just say, a project! Making a very unloved 1977 CB 550 Honda, into a 60's Hailwood Replica. I will keep you posted on progress. Many thanks to you all, who produced such a fantastic tank with a build quality that is beautifully crafted. It is the motivation I need to turn my project into a reality. Kind regards John


Comment by Kevin Peck - April 20 2012 @ 04:50 pm

Many thanks for my Ariel tank, quality work. I am amazed that the package left Chelmsford England on April16th. and was delivered to rural Nebraska U.S.A. on April 19th.!


Comment by Simon Morton - May 15 2012 @ 01:51 pm

Tony, Just a short note to say I'm absolutely thrilled with the side panels and the tank, they are perfect and your skill is clear to see, it was well worth the wait Thanks, top job Hope all is well Cheers Simon

Comment by Wayne Hennings - May 15 2012 @ 01:56 pm

Hi Tony Many thanks for the great seat pan it is absolutely fantastic! Regards Wayne


Comment by Ken Wallington - April 19 2012 @ 06:41 am

The tank arrived yesterday and I was straight in the workshop when I got back from work, it looks great, the welding flows beautifully. Will send you a photo to add to the gallery


Comment by richard north - April 19 2012 @ 06:49 am

Matchless comp tank. Exelent job, very pleased with the result. MANY THANKS


Comment by tom snowdon - March 06 2012 @ 12:10 pm

the petrol tank and oil tank for my trials cub are as near perfect as you will get the standard of metal work is a1 the welding is a1plus regards tom @breda

Comment by Martin Schulz - April 15 2012 @ 11:29 am

the tank now looks exactly like I imagined....Thanks for the great job and the excellent communication!

Comment by Graham Bentley - April 17 2012 @ 01:16 pm

The tank looks excellent great speedy service. Greatly admired at my first bike show were i won first prize.


Comment by Chris Watson - February 06 2012 @ 04:47 pm

Dear Tony and Michelle, My new Honda RC tank is quite a work of art and fits the frame exactly as it should. Thank you for your excellent service, hand delivered to my London hotel! Your communication and of course the quality of Tony's craftsmanship is quite something. I will highly recommend HoltWorks - and if any of your U.S. customers wish to confirm this, send 'em my way! All the best to you both, cw


Comment by les riley - March 01 2012 @ 05:16 pm

Dear Tony and Michelle, Thanks for the tank,I am absolutely amazed by it. It is going on my C15 trials bike,but is kept by the side of my bed at the moment. What a fantastic thing to see, first thing every morning.Thanks Again,Les Riley.

Comment by shaun - January 06 2012 @ 06:53 am

a very nice product from holtworks and nice people .all the best for 2012.

Comment by Steeve - January 12 2012 @ 07:39 am

Tony and Michelle, Thanks for this very nice transaction, My tank is very beatiful, and thanks for your excellent communication, the extreme fast delivery. Good, Good, Good!!!!!

Comment by John Irving - January 25 2012 @ 09:24 am

Thank you very much for a very nice Tank (one of the best) and very good communication, will use again. John.

Comment by Philip Smith - October 27 2011 @ 04:38 pm

Thank you to Tony & Michelle for my amazing AJS Trials Tank. Incredible engineering matched only by the incredible service. Hope I have the opportunity to use your talents again. Kind Regards, Phil

Comment by Jean-Paul ALTAYRAC - November 02 2011 @ 02:03 am

Hi, I just got today the Rickman-Métisse side panels....what a superb job... and fast delivery time....!! I'll recommend your products to the french classic motocrossers !! Kind regards - Jean-Paul 

Comment by MotoMedic Racing..Graham Smith - December 10 2011 @ 01:56 am

Many thanks Tony for the various tanks side panels and advice you have given over the years, your products are simply the best. Graham

Comment by Martin Schulz - October 13 2011 @ 03:49 am

Thanks for the excellent communication, the extreme fast delivery and the high class product you´ve send me! I´ve never seen such a great service in delivery time and customer service in my whole life. And that from a company of a foreign country. Absolutely perfect...I´ll recommend you to everybody I know! Regards.....Martin 

Comment by Charbonnel Romain - October 26 2011 @ 11:35 am

Hello bikers ; ) Foremost, very very big thanks to Michelle and Tony for their business. Others feedbacks have said main things. But I must say that the tank is more beautiful than in my dreams ! Just Fantastic. More... Very fast works and safely package for shipping ! Un petit mot pour les Français qui hésiteraient à commander chez Michelle et Tony. Le travail proposé est vraiment extraordinaire; le pliage de l'alliage, les soudures régulières sont vraiment belles. En bref, cela vaut vraiment la peine de dépenser ces euros dans cette pièce qui donnera tout le caractère à votre moto. Best regards. Romain.

Comment by dave crewe - July 30 2011 @ 02:08 pm

Thanks for a very wellmade tank. The complete package is first class.

Comment by george freeman - August 15 2011 @ 10:41 am

many thanks tony and michelle the tank fitted perfectley on my greeves hawkstone it is nice to see good workmanship if i ever need a tank for another project i will be in touch reguards george

Comment by Jenny Hand - October 06 2011 @ 03:36 pm

I can only reccomend this company. You could not do better anywhere else. Great to talk to and prompt in action. Thank you for your excellent service and product.

Comment by Jim Crain - June 23 2011 @ 06:23 pm

Tony and Michelle, Thanks for the great, quality product. I appreciate that you kept me in the loop for the entire process and met all of your commitments. I am looking forward to using the tank on my BSA A10 scrambles machine in the very near future. Jim 

Comment by Richard Trott - July 27 2011 @ 11:34 am

Hi, thanks for the tank ,perfect quality, done sooner than i expected, nice one .Richard



Andy Hodges

The Honda tank arrived today & looks superb many thanks

Bill Wallis

                                 I HAVE just  received my petrol tank from you and it is excellent , I  will send you some photos of the tank when I have sprayed it and fitted it on the bike for now many thanks for all your hard work and excellent workmanship and good luck for the future.
best regards  BILL WALLIS

Pentti Kiviharju & Jan Kriland & - Sweden

Dear Michelle & Tony,
The tank has arrived today and we are very satisfied. A piece of fine craftmanship, thank you !
We will send you a picture as soon as  the tank is mounted and the bike is ready for racing. 
Best regards,

Eero Ekman - Finland

I just wanted to let you know that I have received the tank today, intact and beautiful, thank you very much.

Best regards
Eero Ekman

Gebriel Trench USA

Hi Tony and Michelle,
I got my tank today.  It surpassed all of my expectations!  Beautiful!  I
was a bit nervous since this is going on a rare Yetman frame, not a
Seeley...but, it seems to fit perfectly.  Excellent work!  Thank you very
much for your time and amazing craftsmanship.  I am a very happy and
satisfied customer.
-Gabe Trench



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